Health and Wellness Expos
Increase Employee Satisfaction

Corporate health and wellness expos are informative, interactive, and fun. Employees will learn how they and their loved ones can be healthier, happier, and lead more balanced lives. Our unique “Expo to Go” concept allows us to service companies of all sizes throughout the United States.

Our expos encourage employees to assume an active role in enhancing and maintaining their own health and well-being even as they provide a variety of health screenings that can lead to an early detection of health problems.

Health and Wellness Fairs can:

  • Serve as an opportunity to educate employees about good health habits and the effects of hurtful health habits such as smoking, poor diet, and lack of exercise
  • Create a better understanding of the company’s benefits program and the need for controlling health care costs
  • Improve employee relations by showing employer concern for employee health and well being.
  • Lower insurance rates through improved employee health

Health Expos are an excellent tool for getting your staff motivated and productive

In Partnership with A Balanced Life

Visionary Health & Benefits partners with A Balanced Life to provide health and wellness expos. A Balanced Life has been planning and organizing Corporate Health and Wellness Expos for over 20 years.

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