Helping Employers Control Healthcare Costs
through Healthier Employees

Visionary Health & Benefits was formed for the sole purpose of addressing the rising costs of healthcare and the burden this has placed on businesses and their employees.

While government solutions that address this issue for the American people are likely years away, Visionary Health & Benefits has answers now. Intent on becoming the leader in delivering wellness and employee benefit programs to employers, we help employers improve the health of their employees while stabilizing or even reducing their healthcare costs.

Rising Healthcare Costs Are Suffocating Businesses

The costs impact employee productivity and higher consumer prices as well. Health concerns and chronic illnesses are costing American companies $1 trillion every year. If employees aren’t healthy—they aren’t productive!

Meet Our Experienced Healthcare Professionals

The Visionary Health & Benefits team is made up of industry professionals with years of experience.
Learn what makes our team the best in the business.

Ed O’Brien, Visionary Health & Benefits President

Ed O’Brien


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George McDonald, Visionary Health & Benefits Vuce President of Sales and Marketing

George McDonald

VP of Sales & Marketing

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Cathy Galligan, Visionary Health & Benefits VP of Client Services and Underwriting

Cathy Galligan

VP of Client Services & Underwriting

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